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In the early land legislation of some of the United States, land was classified as being of one of two possible types: unseated or seated land [1].

Unseated land was wild or unoccupied land. Unseated land, in other words, was land with forest and no improvements.

Seated land was improved land, which was such since it had actually been occupied. Seated land was land that had been cleared of forest, and was thus ready for agriculture, and/or further property improvements.

It is clear which land was more expensive and more valuable, unless you were a caveman, a hermit, or desired to remain single.

There are also two kinds of titles which don't appear in Debrett's Peerage & Baronetage 2015 : unseated or seated titles [2].

Unseated titles are of "incorporeal property", meaning they are "incapable of physical possession". That's stating the truth, but with rose-coloured glasses.

Seated titles are sometimes called manorial (or feudal) titles, because they are associated with property, and thus they may actually make you "Lord of the Manor" [3].

It is also clear in this case which title is more tangible, more expensive, more valuable, and more desirable when money is no object, but seated titles are still more valuable even when funds are limited, since they often come with special visiting, memorial citation, camping, hunting, and/or fishing rights on (usually unseated) land — the latter titles turn you into the patron or protector of a castle [4], forest [5], or some other estate with special appeal [6, 7].

You may not believe this, but today there are also two kinds of nations or micronations which don't appear in the United Nations member list: unseated or seated nations, and we are not talking about seats in a large auditorium.

Unseated nations, like unseated land or titles, have zero or close to zero paradiplomacy (diplomacy is really reserved to UN members, and rich multinational banks and corporations). Even when they have several serious adult nationals or members, unseated nations are treated like fake titles, and they have little or no reputation even with other insignificant, juvenile, unprivileged or nascent nations or micronations. No nation or people IGO recognises them, and they don't even enjoy recognition by NGOs or churches in most cases. Making these nations even more anonymous, unappealing and worthless, there is no investment whatsoever in the people, even in the leaders of these nations without states. So if the individual adult or junior adult leaders have any self-worth, it usually has nothing to do with the nation itself. Translation: the nation is so valuable that it adds zero value to a national's actual net worth.

Seated nations, like seated land or titles, on the other hand, are usually not paradiplomacy "virgins". They may not have diplomatic relations with foreign ministries, the US State department, or even with the mayor of a major city, but they still are "big shots" compared to most nations. Yet even when seated nations are too young to enjoy recognition by IGOs, NGOs or churches, they are still treated like a "Lord of the Manor", or at least like the patron or protector of a special castle, forest, or other estate with special appeal, because there is investment in the people, or at least the nation is certifiable, since it participates in asset-based conventions with other seated nations. These nations, like a real stock on an exchange, can be quoted and deemed significant, because there are permanent and valuable tangible assets associated with them certified and assayed by micronational authorities.

As you can see with your own eyes, the nations or micronations below are backed, certified, or accredited with the finest gold and/or silver available, not propaganda (or actual bank debt).

With human rights, not slavery.

With kindness, not cruelty.

With human love and attention, not indifference.

The nations or micronations below participate in the special Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR) Convention:

To summarise, the nations or micronations below participate in the special Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR) Convention: The Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR) Convention states the following, which defies and makes a mockery even of the Wikipedia and the arrogant states mentioned within it:

A micronationalist is a male or female human being, 14 years old or older;

Whose identity and micronationality have been certified or accredited;

Whose real human rights have been secured or backed with small quantities of fine gold or silver, depending on the social status of the human being within his or her micronation.

More information about the IDCSHR Convention can be found here:

Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR)

The leaders of the nations or micronations mentioned above have enough faith to move mountains, and for this reason they have invested in an additional quantity of gold in order to certify, and to secure the existence and real human rights of at least an additional 10 nations or micronations.

The leaders of the nations or micronations mentioned above invite other real national leaders to participate in this special IDCSHR Convention, by completely filling the survey below.

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