Not of this world

If you care about faraway, cold, and inhospitable Antarctica, and you don't live there; you don't bring people there with ships; you are not part of some group which studies Antarctica, or is professionally involved with Antarctica; you are not a Chilean or a New Zealander. You are a micronationalist.

If computers and the Internet interest you, but not primarily for calculations, or for Facebook, you are not a German, or an American; you are a micronationalist.

If you care about religion, but not because you are necessarily a rabbi, a bishop, or an imam; you are not an Israeli, an Italian, or an Iranian; or a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim; you are a micronationalist.

If you care about the whole world in one way or another, and speak even two or more languages, you are not an Indian, or a Swiss; you are a micronationalist.

If you speak to people around the world every day, usually in English, but often in other languages as well, you are not British; an anglophile; an historian specialising in the British Empire and Commonwealth; a globalist; an imperialist; a capitalist; or a United Nations' employee. No, you are a micronationalist.

If you don't care about any country, region, continent, or hemisphere in particular anymore; and you no longer have any national, continental, racial or globalist mindset; not only you are probably a micronationalist. You are also one of the world's first macronationalists.

Only Christians care about specific nations, continents, races, or the world, yet only micronationalists are actually living in the "kingdom" Christians speak of, and this "kingdom", by the way, is truly "not of this world".

Even the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine states that a micronation is "an entity that resembles a nation or a state, but which for the most part exists only on paper, on the Internet, or in the mind of its creator" [1].

I've even tried to change that statement, by showing them that there was at least one exception to that general rule.

Yet only true micronationalists know that all of that verbiage [2] means that micronations are "not of this world" [3], for virtually the whole world denies that micronations exist, and so virtually the whole world also keeps itself out of the "kingdom", out of the many rooms of the Father's house [4], which many claim is already here; whose "king" they claim to adore; and yet even they say that the "kingdom" is "not of this world". Even the Pope says so!

What will Yeshua, Jesus, or Isa say to those people, when they come to seek him, and true micronationalists will be celebrating?

He will say to them, "Believe me, I don't know you!" [5], and he will be stating the truth, and nothing but the truth.
HMRD Cesidio Tallini